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AS 614 Bushing female, 37 pin
AS 614 Bushing female, 37 pin
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With this Deutsch AS 614 female 37 pin, you can create your own wiring harness instead of the standard one.

Device: MXT, MXG, MXP, MXS, MXm, evo5
delivery status: available for immediate delivery
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OCST-ASFK3701AS Bushing, 37 pin, AS 614-35SN AS 614 Bushing female, 37 pin
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Technical Data Deutsch Bushing, female 37 pin

Lock Bayonet
Connection type crimp
Fitting length (mm) 33,5
Connection cross-section (AWG) 22
Connection cross-section (mm) 1,02
Protection class IP 67
Number of positions 37
Upper temperature limit +175 °C
Lower temperature limit -55 °C
Housing material (Cycles) 500
Contact type Pin
Housing material Aluminium

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