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MXS 1.3 Strada Kit für SIM Racing
MXS 1.3 Strada Kit für SIM Racing
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MXS 1.3 Strada incl. bracket and cable set for mounting an MXS 1.2 Strada Dash to the race simulator. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.
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OAMXSS13-RKSMXS 1.3 Strada Race, Sim Racing MXS 1.3 Strada Kit für SIM Racing
1933,75 €
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OAMXSS13-SSIMMXS 1.3 Strada Street, Sim Racing MXS 1.3 Strada Kit für SIM Racing
1933,75 €
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AiM Simulator Technology

Do you as a player and racer want to be as close as possible to real motorsport without coming to the race track?

Sim Racing is one of the newest and fastest growing areas of motorsport. Gone are the old days when players fixed the steering wheel to the table and played on the kitchen chair. Sim Racing today is as professional as real motorsport. And that's why e-racers and real racers demand more every day.

With the MXS 1.2 Strada or MXP Strada with CNC manufactured holder and connection cable for the racing simulator you have the possibility to bring the race track home. No matter what weather or other adversities keep you from it. Train even in bad times and gain an advantage.

As a data-based provider, AiM is ready to take Sim Racing to the next level, using exactly the same technology available to world-class motorsport teams and racers.

Analysis of race data with Race Studio 3, the professional and free software from AiM. Players and racers want to get as close as possible to real motorsport, both to achieve better in-game performance and/or improve simulation training for the next real race. For this reason we have created the possibility to use our software also for the analysis of data in the Sim-Racing environment: With our free software Race Studio 3 you can import your race or session data and analyse it with the same level of detail as a real racing car. Lap after lap you will be able to track every single good move or mistake you have made to improve your performance.


      • Visualisation of the data during the game
      • Function of the AiM dashboards as in a real racing car
      • Display free configurable
      • Data analysis with AiM RaceStudio 3


      • Compatible with iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competzione and rFactor2
      • Special bracket for for memotec Racing simulation Homesim
      • Connection cable with power supply
      • Compatible with various AiM Dashboards
      • Data analysis with Race Studio3 Software
      • Dashboards are free configurable
      • with other Simulations compatible
      • Alarm LED’s and Shiftlights free configurable



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