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GPS09 Modul
GPS09 Modul
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The AiM GPS09 constantly receives signals from the satellites and updates the vehicle's position 25 times per second. The GPS can handle signals from up to 20 satellites and supports GPS, Glonass, BeiDou and Galileo.
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OBGPS91-M050GPS-09 50 cm GPS09 Modul
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Like its predecessor, GPS09 also permanently receives the signals from the satellites and updates the position of the vehicle 25 times per second, but the new system can also handle the signals from more than 10 satellites and also supports Glonass. With the RaceStudio 3 software, the parameters calculated from the GPS readings can be visualised and evaluated.

In addition to the exact speed over the ground, the line driven, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, understeer, oversteer and lean angle, the precision in the lap time recording via GPS09 is particularly impressive:

Deviations of more than a hundredth of a second from the times recorded by transponder are a real rarity.

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Special Features GPS09 Modul

  • Recording the driven line
  • 25 Hz GPS System
  • GPS & Glonass
  • Lap and split times  
  • Speed 
  • Accelerations 
  • Difference in height

Connection example GPS09 Modul

Anschlussbeispiel AIM GPS08 Modul

Features of the GPS09

Out of the information from the GPS system, the following additional values are calculated:
  • Speed 
  • Longitudinal and lateral acceleration
  • Yaw rate 
  • Slope and gradient  
  • Lap times (without receiver and transmitter)
Race Studio 3 creates a track sketch in rainbow colours (depending on speed) and shows the driven lines of the individual laps. The measurement accuracy is less than ± 0.5 m, but always depending on the interference wave superimposition by the US Army.

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