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MyChron Expansion
MyChron Expansion
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The AiM MyChron Expansion connects up to four additional sensors to the MyChron5 and the MyChron5 2T. It is possible to connect the DataHub directly and the expansion can be connect to the vehicle battery.
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OBMEX11-oZMyChron expansion without accessories MyChron Expansion
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OBMEX11-SMyChron expansion with speed sensor MyChron Expansion
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The MyChron Expansion connects up to 4 further sensors with the MyChron 5 and MyChron 5 2T, you can connect the Data Hub and it has got the connection for the vehicle battery to supply the complete system with power, respectively to monitor the battery voltage via MC5.

There are three analogue inputs for outlet sensor, potentiometer, pressure sensors, temperature sensors PT100 or IR-tire temperature sensor, and one configurable input, which either can be used for a speed sensor or a normal analogue sensor. Thermocouples (exhaust gas temperature) can’t be connected, for them you still need the connections on the MyChron 5 respectively Mychron 5 2T.

Logo CAN-Bus Technologie
CAN-Bus Technology

Special features MyChron Expansion

  • Input for speed 
  • 4 analogue inputs 
  • Connection for further Expansion   
  • Sampling rate: 10 Hz 
  • Connection for 12V
  • Dimensions: 127 x 24 x 33 mm 
  • Protection class: IP65 
  • Weight: 194 gram 

Connection example AiM MyChron Expansion

Inputs on the MyChron Expansion

Die Eingänge der MyChron Expansion
1 Input for speed sensor or analogue #1 2 Free configurable analogue input #2 3 Free configurable analogue input #3
4 Free configurable analogue input #4 5 Connection for expanding the system through for example Data Key, GPS,... 6 Status LED
7 CAN-connection to MyChron 4 8 external 12V power supply

  MyChron Expansion
MyChron5  x
MyChron5 2T  x
MyChron4  x
MyChron4 2T x

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