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Rear Camera
Rear Camera
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With the AiM rear camera, you can always keep an eye on the driver behind you on your display or use it to help you manoeuvre in the paddock.
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OCZA-MXx01Mirror camera, MXx Rear Camera
178,50 €
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OCAK-REKA101Connecting cable mirror camera 1x MXx, 600 cm, 711m-5p Rear Camera
77,35 €
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OCAK-REKA102Connecting cable mirror camera n. AiM 2x MXx, 600 cm, 711m-5p Rear Camera
101,15 €
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Technical Data AiM rear camera

Rear camera
Connections 1x Binder Stecker 711, 5-pin - m
Measurement 21,4 x 16,6 x 25,7 mm
Cable length 150 cm
Housing Aluminium
Weight 350 gr
Video format NTSC | 648x488 Pixel @60 fps
Perspective 170 °
Ambient temperature -30 °C - +80°C
Weight 28 gr

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