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Dash logger with 6" TFT display Plug & Play for Lotus Elise/Exige model years 2004-2007 (only airbag version) and 2008-2020 (only compatible with Toyota engine), WiFi, GPS, CAN bus, acceleration sensor and gyroscope.
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OAMX2E11-GMX2E Lotus w. GPS MX2E
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The AiM MX2E is a Plug & Play 6" TFT-Display with integrated data recording which was specially developed for the Lotus Elise/Exige. It is compatible with model years 2004-2007 (version with airbag), 2008-2010 and 2011-2020 (only with Toyota engine).

The AiM MX2E has an integrated Lap timer, WiFi connection, ECU interface and 18 integrated LEDs (10 shift lights, 6 status information LEDs, 2 LEDs for flashing direction). In addition, it has a 3-axis acceleration sensor and gyroscope, rear view camera connection, 14 digital switch inputs, 4 integrated buttons in the cover.


All this is housed in a waterproof aluminium casing, the buttons are placed on the side of the dashboard cover for quick and easy interaction without the need for a PC. Various display pages can be created and shown on the MX2E.

Logo CAN-Bus Technologie
CAN-Bus Technology

Special features MX2E

  • Plug&Play Lotus Elise/Exige 
  • 10 RGB Shift lights
  • 6 RGB alert lights 
  • Lap times with up to 5 split times
  • integrated GPS-Antenna
  • Triaxialer acceleration sensor and Gyroscope
  • WiFi connection
  • 4 GB storage
  • CAN interface for AiM devices
  • ECU Interface

Connection example AiM MX2E

Technical data AiM MX2E

Rev counter Tapping from the Control unit via CAN bus technology
RGB shift Lights adjustable
free configurable over-revs-control-LED
Time measurement Triggering over GPS
Lap times without Limit, up to 5 split times
Measuring accuracy 1/100 sec.
Lap time projection
Alarm lights 6 RGB Status-LED's
2 LED´s flashing direction indicator
10 LED Shift lights
Trip- and total odometer
Speed Tapping from control unit over CAN bus Technology
integrated GPS-Antenna
0 – 438, Anzeige in km/h or mph
Acceleration triaxial ± 5 g and gyroscope im display integrated

1xPlug&Play Lotus Elise/Exige
1x 711 for GPS-Antenna
1x 711 for button left
1x 711 for button right
1x 711 for rear camera

Shift lights 10 free configurable RGB LED's
free configurable for each gear
Additional functions

Indication of the difference to the fastest lap with the split times
Lap time projection
Wifi connection
Light sensor for display illumination 
Free configurable indication

Data storage non-volatile 4 GB-storage
Data transfer WiFi 802.11
Power supply

over 12V on-board power supply
On / Off over ignition switch
no data loss after power off

Updates Software- and Firmware updates for free over the internet
Compatibility 2004-2007 only version with Airbag in connection with adapter wiring 2008-2010 and 2011-2020 only with Toyota Engine
Weight 400 gr

The functions of MX2E

1 6 RGB Status lights 2 10 RGB shift lights, free configurable 3 Indicator display
4 Light sensor for illumination 5 Alarm Icons 6 Display buttons with various functions

The Display

      The differently configurable 6" TFT colour display of the MX2E has a contrast of 600:1 and a brightness of 700 cd/m2 or 1,100 lumens. A light sensor constantly adjusts the contrast and brightness to the surroundings. Wether different display pages or warning messages, all this can be shown on the display. 

WiFi Connection

The AiM MX2E can be configured, calibrated or the data downloaded via the secure 802.11 WiFi connection in conjunction with RaceStudion3.

MX2E RGB Alarm- and Shift lights

The AiM MX2E Dash Logger has ten switching lamps. These are freely configurable in RGB colours.

The shift lights can be set to the same colour for each gear or for all gears. A seperate colour can be selected for each LED. 

AiM RaceStudio3 Software for MX2E

AiM RaceStudio3 Software Button

RaceStudio3 is the Software for the current generation of the AiM Logger.

This software can be used to create configurations and transfer them to the unit via USB. The measured values can be checked via an onlibe mode or a recording can be started manually.

With RS3, mathematical channel can now also be created, transmitted to the unit an shown on the display.
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