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Solo 2 DL plug&play Aprilia
Solo 2 DL plug&play Aprilia
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Special plug&play kit to connect the AiM Solo2 DL to an Aprilia RSV4, Tuono V4 or RS660.
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OASODL22-PAR4HSolo2.2 DL p&p, Aprilia RSV4, with holder kit Solo 2 DL plug&play Aprilia
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OASODL22-PAR4Solo2.2 DL p&p, Aprilia RSV4, without holder kit Solo 2 DL plug&play Aprilia
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Solo 2 DL Plug & Play Kits for Aprilia

Our CAN Bus capable devices can now communicate with the Aprilia motorbikes of the models RSV4 RR/RF, RSV4 1100 and Tuono V4 RR / Factory. Using a special connection cable, we can tap the channels listed below via the engine control unit. Since no further steps are necessary for the customer other than plugging the model-specific cable into a plug that is standard in the vehicle and configuring the respective logger, we refer to these kits as plug & play.

In principle, however, our devices can be installed in any vehicle, even if there is no p&p version for it. If your model is not listed, please contact us and we will help you.

Supported models 

Aprilia RSV4 RR / RF from 2017
Aprilia RSV4 1100 from 2019
Aprilia Tuono V4 RR / Factory from 2017

Channels over CAN-Bus

Engine speed Ignition angle
Gear Angle of inclination
Speed Throttle grip position
Front speed Throttle valve
Rear speed Torque
Linear acceleration Injection time
Lateral acceleration Odometer
Rolling rate Battery voltage
Yaw rate Pit Limiter
Water temperature Traction control
Brake pressure Wheel slip
Ambient pressure Status ABS
Airbox pressure Menu Mapping
Airbox pressure Target Fuel level

Installation using the example Solo 2 DL

  • Connect the "Connection cable Solo 2 DL for Aprilia" to your Solo 2 DL via the 7-pin Binder 711 connector. It is the lower right input of your AiM Solo 2 DL.

  • With the software RaceStudio3 you create a new configuration for your AiM Solo 2 DL and select as ECU manufacturer: APRILIA and as ECU Model: RSV4_APRC_V4MP.
  • Connect your Solo 2 DL to your PC via WLan.

  • Transfer the configuration to the AiM Solo 2 D.

  • You can check the communication via the online mode.

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