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High precision manometer
High precision manometer
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This very accurate high precision manometer was designed for the special requirements in the motorsports sector.
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OP-HPM3-7NPrecision manometer 7 bar, without case- High precision manometer
190,00 €
OP-HPM3-7PPrecision manometer 7 bar, with plastic case High precision manometer
200,00 €
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This very accurate High Precision Manometer was designed for the special requirements in the motor sports sector.

Thanks to the high-contrast display the memotec HPM is even than very good readable when the lighting conditions are bad. Additionally to the measured value the measure unit is displayed as well on the display.

There’s one version available, adjustable for bar or PSI indication, 2 wheel or 4 wheel modus. The resolution is 0,01 bar and the tolerance 0,02 bar.

memotec HPM has two modes:

NORMAL MODE for displaying the currently measured tyre pressure

MEMORY MODE for saving the pressures and for recalling the saved values

The high-quality measuring instrument is protected from the rough everyday motorsport life by an all-round protection made of silicone. This all-round protection protects the HPM from shocks and the HPM is furthermore delivered in an aluminium case so that the HPM is protected during transport.

Product properties HPM

Versionen des Luftdruckprüfers
versions of air pressure gauge
  • good readable display
  • very high accuracy of measurement
  • valve connector made of brass
  • release valve made of brass
  • storage of measured values from up to 15 tests
  • power supply by a 9V block battery
  • high functional reliability
  • delivery in an plastic case
  • all-round protection consisting of silicone 

HPM memory functions

The unique memory function distinguishes the HPM from all the other available electronic tyre pressure gauges. It is possible to save the pressure from the 2 or 4 tyres before the start (cold pressure) to be able to compare these values with the current values after the test (warm pressure). Therefore all four (Moto) or eight (Kart/Car) values are displayed on the display at the same time.

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